This weekend is BlogWorld Expo here in Las Vegas. Last year I had a great time, although the registration system they used last year was complex and the staff made some errors and I ended up getting shut out of some sessions I wanted to attend (they changed the system this year – there’s no more registering for individual sessions, so you have access to everything on the same registration).

This year, I will be meeting people I’ve worked with for a long time but never physically met, as well as folks I know as bloggers or on Twitter, and even a couple of people I’ve interviewed on the phone. So I’m pretty excited about that – and about hanging out on the show floor and talking with the vendors. I suppose if you run a blog about technology, even in the relatively small niche of technology for writers, it stands to reason that you’d get off on spending time talking with the folks who make all the neat technology that makes blogging possible. Plus, of course, when you’re in the midst of 3,000 or so bloggers, you are by definition among 3,000 or so writers.

If anyone who reads this blog is going to be in Vegas for the conference, let me know – I’d love to have a chat. Email me or send me a tweet on Twitter (I’m dwax). And hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to talk about after the Expo.

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