The Writer’s Technology Companion is a guide through the world of the tools we use to write — digital, analog, and mental. Inside these pages, you’ll find tips, instructions, and reviews of all manner of tools, with a special emphasis on the needs of writers.

I’m your guide, Dustin M. Wax. I’m a Las Vegas-based museum director, college instructor, and former freelance writer. I’ve published multiple academic works, including a book called Anthropology at the Dawn of the Cold War: The Influence of Foundations, McCarthyism and the CIA (Pluto Press, 2008), as well as Don’t Be Stupid: A Guide to Learning, Studying, and Succeeding at College.

For several years, 2007-2010, I was project manager and contributing editor at lifehack.org, a site devoted to personal development, organization, and productivity. There I edited the work of over 25 writers for a site read by over a million unique visitors a month. I think it’s fair to say I know a thing or two (maybe even more!) about the writer’s life.

Two notes about reviews

Unless noted otherwise, all reviews on this site are of products I have bought myself, using my own money. If I do accept a free product to review, it will always be with the condition that I can write an open and honest evaluation based on my personal experience. Any positive review you see on this site you can consider my own personal endorsement and a direct reflection of my actual use of that product.

And that’s key: all my reviews are based on my particular experience with a product as a writing tool. For instance, while I do sometimes draw, if I review a pencil it will be in terms of how that pencil is for writing. Likewise, there are products that might be fine products but they simply do not fit my own personal style of working. I have, for example, moved almost entirely away from online task managers, despite the fact that many of them are well-designed tools that may work perfectly well for someone else.

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