Do You Tweet?

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  1. Johne Cook says:

    I’m Johne Cook, theskypirate. I’m Overlord at Ray Gun Revival, and like prog rock, film noir, space opera, and the Green Bay Packers. I use to update my status on most of my social networking presences in one swell foop.

  2. Hello. My name is Kimberlee, and I’m a Twitter Addict! You can find me at

    My favorite search term on Twitter is “need a writer.” Very handy at times.


  3. Sonja Foust says:

    Good idea about the search term “for writers.”


  4. Just getting started at writing and blogging.
    Curt Wingerter

  5. Sorry, meant to include this link:
    Curt Wingerter (Artistcw

  6. Douglas says:

    I’m You can find me there most every day.

  7. I’m @thursdayb and I pretty much live on Twitter. I think you might also be interested to know that there are now paying writing markets on Twitter, as well:

  8. I’m on Twitter as ChandlerWrites, though I’m not real active (Tweet or two per day).

    In truth, I don’t have that much interest in the mundane details of most people’s daily lives, yet also react poorly to hyper-commercial, self-serving tweet streams.

    BTW – I’ve been using TwitterFox, which offers the benefit of allowing you to quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts, and integrates neatly into Firefox.

  9. What?! I’m not on that list? That’s it. War!!

    TweetDeck here, btw. Just in case anyone wondered.

  10. Shameless writer plug: When I’m not kicking breast cancer’s butt, I’m writing. Twitter ID: @BJMendelson

  11. @ElspethMurray Poet and Wordsmith. Versatile Versemonger.

  12. I tweet and I write. Then I write some more. 😉

  13. Tom Colvin says: — I only started with Twitter about 5 months ago. Now I often pick up information from tweets that leads to breaking-news posts on my blog. And lately, Twitter has been bringing me increased traffic.

  14. Carolyn says: — Not very active currently, but don’t plan to keep it that way. I’m still learning.

  15. I’m Nathan E. Lilly, and the editor of several ‘zines: the aforementioned Thamatrope (twitter fiction), and well as Everyday Weirdness (flash fiction), and SpaceWesterns (short fiction).

    I can be followed at

    I also have a running list of SF/F/H writers at

  16. Silvia says:

    I’m Silvia Straka. At first I thought I might not qualify, because I’m “only” an academic writer. But then I realized I also participate in NaNoWriMo and author a blog. I’m on Twitter at

  17. Jetse says:

    I’m Jetse de Vries, editor of the Shine anthology, a print anthology of optimistic, near future SF to be released by Solaris Books, and Outshine, the Twitterzine mentioned by Thursday Bram above.

    I can be followed at “shineanthology.

  18. Nice idea, I’m James Mallinson, do a lot of (productivity) writing at Organize IT

  19. Roy Jacobsen says:

    I’m at

    I write about writing at my blog, Writing, Clear and Simple.

  20. Zoe says:

    Hello hello,


    Looking forward to connecting with more writers!

  21. Would love to connect with other writers!


  22. Hi Dustin. Hope you are having a great day. So nice of you to invite me. I would love to connect with other writers too @
    Let me know if there is anything we can do together.


  23. Carly Tuma says:

    You’ve already followed me, Dustin, which is how I found this page. 🙂 But for anyone else interested, I’m @ThePiratess on Twitter, and my website is

    I look forward to connecting with other writers.

  24. Hi, Dustin. I’m jmstro on Twitter.
    I don’t use Tweetdeck, though I’ll check it out. What I found to be handy is to feed the Twitter search directly to my newsreader (I used Google Reader). I’ve gotten great results on “writing contest”. I’ll add “for writers” and “need a writer” to my Twitter news.

    I did a little how to on adding Twitter searches to a newsreader, if anyone needs pics.
    Twitter and Google Reader are a killer combo.

  25. Sina'i says:

    Hi! I’m Sina’i Enantia, (, and I write fantasy and a little sci-fi. I also run a comic and blog called Muse’s Block ( that’s dedicated to writers and artists…though mainly writers…

    Looking forward to reading some great tweets!

  26. Jennifer Aderhold says:

    Hi, Dustin. My user name on twitter is jjaderhold

    Thanks you for the opportunity to learn of, connect, and get to know other writers with this post!

    Best, Jennifer

  27. Ralph Lambert says:

    Say it isn’t so, writing is work! I knew there was a catch.


  28. Nanda says:

    I’m on Twitter.

    I use Twhirl (I think it’s called Seesmic now) to tweet. I love it!