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Tools of Inspiration

Image by misfitgirl via Flickr We writers have many tools. We have our words, the nouns and verbs and adjectives and even the woefully despised adverbs, poor dears. We have our talent, our rare gift for putting the right words in the right order to make our readers weep, laugh, thrill, buy  —  or just turn the page. […]

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Moving to Linux: The New OpenOffice

So, you’ve gotten your text, which is surely the twenty-first century equivalent of “Common Sense”. Back in those days, you would have sent your manuscript to the typesetter for printing; nowadays, you have something just as good inside your Linux box (PDF export). But how to utilize it? A word processor, of course. OpenOffice has […]

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Word Passive Voice Highlighting Revisited: Now for Word 2003

Last week, I explained how to highlight uses of the passive voice in your writing, using Word 2007. Here’s how to do the same thing in Word 2003 and earlier versions. To reiterate: the passive voice is when you explain what’s happening in such a way that the action happens to the subject rather than […]

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Word 2007 for Writers: Part 5 — Proofreading and Editing Tricks

I tend to prefer old-fashioned pen and paper for going over my drafts and marking revisions and edits. The screen has never struck me as a good medium for reading longer works on, and I think differently with a pen in hand than with a keyboard under my fingers. That said, Word 2007 puts a […]

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Word 2007 for Writers: Part 4 — Fun with Sections

Chances are, you’ve learned how to insert page breaks into Word documents (Insert > Page Break, just in case). This is useful for, say, adding a “Works Cited” page at the end of a document. But you might have seen another kind of “break” while moving through Word’s menus. They’re in a different place for […]

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Word 2007 for Writers: Part 3 — Master Documents and Outlines

A book can be an unwieldy thing to write, especially on older (read: slower) hardware, and even more especially if you have illustrations, charts, and other graphic material in your file. As the document gets bigger, it gets slower and slower to open the document, to find your place, and to scroll back and forth […]

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Word 2007 for Writers: Part 2 — Using Styles

Styles are an incredibly useful feature in Word  —  which have unfortunately been rather hidden in previous versions. Word 2007 puts styles right on the main toolbar, so there’s no excuse not to use them. Using styles allows you to maintain a uniform set of formatting decisions across your document. Instead of formatting individual text selections independently, you […]

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Word 2007 for Writers: Part 1 — Introduction

No tool is as central to the modern writer’s toolkit as Microsoft’s Word. It is the word processor of choice for most writers  —  and of necessity for most of the rest. Even when we escape Word itself, we are forced by publisher’s specifications to save our final output in Word’s .doc format. And, to be honest, […]

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Link: 50 Awesome Open Source Resources for Online Writers

Job Profiles has a huge list of 50 open source programs, from word processors and spell checkers to weblog editing software and submission trackers, that online writers can download and use free of charge. Open source software is created by volunteers ranging from employees at huge corporations (like Sun Microsystems, which directs the development of […]

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