Word 2007 for Writers: Part 4 – Fun with Sections

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  1. SALVE says:

    Dear genius of Word 2007.

    I have written a book!!!!!!!! It has sevenseparate chapters. The chapters have to be kept separate from each other because each chapter has up to thirty footnotes or more. Putting the chapters together would create over 180 numbered footnotes beginning with 1 and ending with 180 or more.

    I can generate the table of contents for each chapter. That is not a problem. But I cannot collect the separate TOC for each chapter together to create a unified TOC for the whole bnook without the following appearing where the page numbers should be: MISTAKE! TEXT MARK NOT DEFINED (Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert!) (I am using a German version of Word 2007.)

    Can anyone help me?

    Please answer as soion as possible.


  2. Dustin says:

    SALVE: You can do this with a Master Document — you might have to move some stuff around in your source documents, though. Another option is to use Chapter by Chapter (info here: http://www.writerstechnology.com/2008/09/software-for-writers-chapter-by-chapter) which is intended to smooth out some of the rough edges Word;s Master Document feature still has.

  3. Tina Curran says:

    I have had Word 2007 only a few weeks. Today I tried to insert page breaks after each page in my ms so I could email it to an editor as she was afraid we might have trouble discussing it unless we locked in the page numbers. I started at the bottom of page 1. When I hit ‘page break’ from the page layout menu, all hell broke loose! It changed some of the nearby double spaced lines to single, left a half-page of white space after the page break, took part of an italicized section out of italics (just one sentence). In other words it messed up the formatting. I tried the bottom of the second page – same thing. Any suggestions? (I just emailed the ms as it was in the end and it seemed to arrive formatting intact). In case it’s relevant, the text was old stuff, brought into Word 2007 from 2003 and some even earlier. Thanks for any help you can give!

  4. Dustin Wax says:

    Tina: I’m not sure what happened — that sort of thing has been a long-standing issue with Word, mostly because sometimes you end up nesting codes that want to do different things, and there’s no easy way to address the code directly. (Maybe you remember WordPerfect 5.5 so many years ago, where you’dreveal the code to get precision placement?)

    Inserting manual page breaks seems like a harsh and awkward way to do what you want, anyway. But I’ve never had an editor ask that of me, so I’ve never even thought about how to do it… If the document doesn’t need to be edited, and you just want to share it, the thing to do is expoert it as a PDF — download and install the free OFfice Add-In “Save to PDF” and you’ll get a PDF option in your Save As dialog: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=F1FC413C-6D89-4F15-991B-63B07BA5F2E5&displaylang=en

    One way to deal with those “weirdisms” in Word is to copy and paste the whole document into a new document — often this clears out the little bit of buggy whatever that’s causing the problem. Beyond that, I really don’t know… (Sorry!)

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