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Entries for March, 2009

Character Keeper: Free Note-taking Software for Writers

The writers at the group blog Magical Words have developed an interesting little piece of software called Character Keeper, an AIR-based program intended to keep track of character profiles and other snippets of information related to your book. Becuase it’s AIR, Adobe’s stand-alone Flash platform, it will run on any computer that can run current […]

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Convert PDF Documents to Word or Rich Text Format

Image via Wikipedia Saving documents as PDFs has become trivially easy. A huge number of PDF creator apps have emerged, most of them free, and almost all of them quite simple to use. Programs like Word 2007 and have “save as PDF” built in (you need an add-on from Microsoft to do this in […]

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Getting Started as a Writer Part 2: Breaking In

Image via Wikipedia For most people, “becoming a writer” means first and foremost getting published. And really, getting published for pay. That first sale is a watershed moment for the fledgling writer, a moment of validation that you have something to say that other people want to hear. These days, getting published is less and less […]

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