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Transcription Made Easy (Easier, Anyway)

Image by BrittneyBush via Flickr One of the biggest hassles of traditional journalistic writing is quoting sources. I don’t even knowhow they did it in “the old days”, when reporters just had notebooks  –  shorthand, I suppose) but these  days we’re lucky enough to be able to make digital recordings of our sources. Since I do most […]

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Happy 2010!

Image via Wikipedia Hope the new year is treating everyone well! As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting very sporadically over the last year. It’s entirely possible, though I haven’t counted, that I had more guest posts in 2009 than posts by me! The good news is, nothing bad happened to me. 2009 was perhaps […]

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Take Charge of Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments with Outright

Image by ClawzCTR via Flickr One of the things I’ve had the hardest time figuring out since my freelance writing began producing a significant income was how to manage my estimated quarterly tax payments. For the time being, I’ve been over-paying my taxes at my day job and hoping that it was enough to cover […]

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Getting Started as a Writer Part 2: Breaking In

Image via Wikipedia For most people, “becoming a writer” means first and foremost getting published. And really, getting published for pay. That first sale is a watershed moment for the fledgling writer, a moment of validation that you have something to say that other people want to hear. These days, getting published is less and less […]

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Getting Started as a Writer, Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

Image via Wikipedia So, you want to be a writer. It can be daunting to know how to get started as a writer. A lot of us feel we can write, know we can write  –  or better yet, know we can’t not write. We love the unfolding of stories beneath our pens, the spray of words […]

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Keep Track of Deadlines with Deadline

I’m on a quest for the perfect deadline reminder application.What I want is a simple online app that I can enter the due dates of my various writing assignments and projects into, and that will send me an email listing the upcoming deadlines. I already keep to-do list items and project planning stuff in other […]

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The Writer’s Skype Toolkit

One of the unlikely tools I end up using all the time as a writer is Skype. For the uninitiated, Skype is a voice over Internet application, allowing you to chat with other Skype users for free just like you would over the telephone. In fact, for a small per-minute charge, you can even call […]

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How About Some Links?

I surf the web a lot. Well, not “surf”  –  I have the web come to me in my trusty RSS reader, courtesy of Google. The point is, I see a lot of stuff out there on the Internet that might interest you. Here’s some of what I’ve come across lately: 25+ Pieces of Writing Software You […]

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Take Payments with PayPal

Paypal has become the de facto form of payment on the web, not just for eBay sales but for invoice payments, retail sales, and even donations. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you need to open one if you plan to do any sort of business on the web, including client work. PayPal […]

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Link: The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource

photo credit: *L*u*z*a* In honor of the launch of The Writer’s Technology Companion, I put together a huge collection of resources for writers at today. Topics covered include: 10 Free Apps Every Writer Should Consider 10 Online Apps and Services Every Writer Should Check Out 10 Sites Every Writer Should Bookmark (Besides Lifehack) 30 Lifehack […]

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