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In honor of the launch of The Writer’s Technology Companion, I put together a huge collection of resources for writers at today. Topics covered include:

  • 10 Free Apps Every Writer Should Consider
  • 10 Online Apps and Services Every Writer Should Check Out
  • 10 Sites Every Writer Should Bookmark (Besides Lifehack)
  • 30 Lifehack Posts Every Writer Should Read
  • 5 Online Communities Every Writer Should Join

Here’s a little bonus, an online community I didn’t include in the Lifehack piece:

Nothing BindingNothing Binding: An online community for writers, with a forum and a special emphasis on audio and video content by writers and about writing. They also run a kind of “review exchange”, where writers can send a copy of their book to a reviewer and get a review they can use in press kits, on their website, or wherever they want. Nothing Binding is still pretty new — they have about 500 members so far — so there’s not a lot of content yet (and, less forgivably, the blog is still empty), but it seems like a fun and knowledgeable community.

Check out The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource, and leave your own suggestions in the comments.

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