How to Add a Plugin to a WordPress Blog

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Colvin says:

    During the first year of my blog Becoming A Writer Seriously, I searched out a lot of plug-ins and also tried to keep up with the evolving updates to Word Press. My experience has unfortunately been rather spotty.

    Plug-ins often work only with certain versions of Word Press. When one upgrades WP, don’t be surprised if a plug-in no longer works, or if it even interfers with the rendering of your page.

    Lately, I’ve added several plug-ins, all presumably compatible with with my version 2.2. Half of them do not work.

    And at the moment, I feel stuck at version 2.2, as later versions apparently make a huge jumble of one’s category structure [and posting assignments]. Right at the moment, when my huge book project is demanding more of my attention, I don’t have time to sort all that out.

    All that said, I’ll be very eager to learn, Dustin, what plug-ins you use. I once tried to install a plug-in that would automatically report to my readers just which plug-ins were active on my blog — sadly, it doesn’t work.

    Finally, Dustin, your blog is one of the best looking and functional blogs I read. You certainly display consummate knowledge of Word Press inner-workings. I still don’t have the appearance/functionality of my blog where I want it. I sure look forward to whatever lessons you pass on.

  2. Dustin says:

    Tom: I haven’t normally had trouble with plugins, although there are a few I haven’t been able to get working even though I’ve seen them working on other sites. There are so many variables — not just what version of WP you’re running, but what verson of MySQL and PHP your webhost has installed, what features are enabled on your server, and what other plugins you’re running. Frankly, it’s surprising that most of them work at all!

    Thanks for the compliment. Most of the credit has to go to the designers of my theme, which is called Studiopress. It’s a free theme, with very minimal modifications by me. I expect to redesign the site in a few onths, when I have time to really get into it, but most likely I’ll stay pretty close to the layout here — I agree, it’s very functional and orderly.

    I use a lot of plugins — I just checked, and there are 16 active at the moment. I think I’ll write up a post listing everything I sue and what it does — some of the stuff is really subtle, little touches that add character and elegance to the site. And some of it is absolutely essential. Look for a post in the next few weeks. (Right now, I’m finishing the semester with 166 finals to grade starting Monday, so that’s where most of my attention will be!)

  3. Douglas says:

    I’d be interested in a write up on which plugins you use as well.

    I find I use less than I would have thought initially. I expect this has more to do with my lack of imagination than my lack of need.