Pre-Writing Posts: Write Ahead for Best Results

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Colvin says:

    That outis very good advice indeed. I recently preposted 3 artcles to cover the one-week period when I was scheduled to travel. A family medical emergency stretched the time to two weeks, and my blog lay fallow for about 7 days.

    I guess I really should sit down and write another 100 pre-posts, just to be fully prepared! Actually, I have a three-week trip scheduled for June-July, and I do in fact need to start writing some advance posts.

  2. Dustin says:

    Tom: You want to know another benefit of pre-writing a big chunk of posts? You get into the “groove” — one topic follows from another, and the style sort of settles in and comes really naturally. And another bonus: you can let your work sit for a while, which makes proofreading more effective.

    The downside is, I admit, that 73rd post might well be out-of-date by the time it comes up in the queue. I’ve had to scramble with some of the content I wrote for WordPress, since 2.5 came out; fortunately, it’s a radical enough change that many people are sticking with 2.3 or earlier versions, but it might not have been that way!

    But for evergreen topics, why not? You might have three or four really good ideas right now — do you really want to push them all out this week and then struggle to think of something to write next week? I feel it’s better to have something always ready to go — and if I want to write something different, I just push the pre-written post back in the queue.

  3. Chris says:

    Definitely pre-write! Takes so much pressure off of posting consistently. Using a blog editorial calendar, I have my basic scheme in place and just work to build content.