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Entries for April, 2008

Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 3 — Producing Your E-book

Once you’ve written your e-book manuscript, you need to get it into shape for release. While there are e-book creation programs out there that will turn your e-book into a self-contained executable program, I advise against this. First of all, they rarely look all that good, and they force your reader to use a software […]

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Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 2 — Writing Your E-book

Once you’ve decided on a topic for your e-book, you have to sit down and write it. For the most part, e-book writing is the same as any other writing, but there are a few special considerations. Since your book will most likely be read on a screen of some sort (readers could print it […]

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Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 1 — Why E-books?

An e-book is a book, article, or other self-contained written material that is circulated electronically, usually over the web. Although they’ve been slow to catch on  —  few people relish the thought of reading a novel-length book on their computer screen  —  e-books have started to gain a lot of popularity with the release of high-quality e-book reading devices […]

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Write Anywhere with Adobe Buzzword

If you’re as busy as I am, chances are you’re not always at your own computer when the urge (or need) to write strikes you. Although I try to schedule uninterrupted time to write at home, there are always projects that I can work on whenever I have a spare moment while I’m out and about. […]

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How to Add a Contact Form to a WordPress Blog

It’s generally not a good idea to post your email address “as is” on your website. Spammers use programs called “bots” to scour the web and collect email addresses, to which they then send massive amounts of spam email. Instead, create a separate “Contact Me” page and add a contact form where your visitors can easily […]

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Elements of a Writer’s Website

You might be wondering what exactly to put on your writer’s website. There are a few elements I think should be on any writer’s website, but in the end, your particular needs should determine what your site contains. The core of your site should show you and your talents off in the best possible light, […]

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Software for Writers: q10

q10 is a minimalist, full-screen text editor with several special features for writers. When you run it, it takes up the whole screen (including the space usually reserved for the start bar), allowing you to focus only on your writing. Lower left corner of q10; click for full screenshot. q10 keeps a running word, character, […]

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Please Pardon Our Dust

My apologies to subscribers to the RSS feed and email newsletter who were bombarded last night with 10 copies of my post on the Alphasmart portable keyboard. A database hiccup that eventually brought the sight down (foronly about 5 minutes) led to the multiple reposting of this particular post; why that post, I don’t know. […]

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What Should I Write About in my Writer’s Blog?

So you’ve got a nice website and a blog ready and waiting to be filled  —  what should you write? Well, the good news and the bad news is that there’s no real limit to what you can or should write in your blog. You’re a writer  —  you can be as wide-ranging or as focused as you want. There […]

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How to Select the Right Domain Name for Your Writing Site

I recommend you get a domain name right away  —  they’re cheap, and they make you look professional. There are two trains of thought about domain names. The first says to pick something clear and descriptive, like  —  that’s clearly a site to go for if you want business information, right? The second school of thought is to […]

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