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Entries for May, 2009

How to Find Anything in Parentheses Using Word’s Search

Image via Wikipedia I recently ran into a strange problem. I was asked to present an academic paper at a conference, and while writing fell automatically into the habit of referencing all my quotes and other citations with traditional parenthetical citations. When I went to produce the shorter copy that I would read from at […]

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Take Charge of Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments with Outright

Image by ClawzCTR via Flickr One of the things I’ve had the hardest time figuring out since my freelance writing began producing a significant income was how to manage my estimated quarterly tax payments. For the time being, I’ve been over-paying my taxes at my day job and hoping that it was enough to cover […]

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All Aboard… The WriteChain!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Jamie Grove of the excellent writing blog How Not to Write has created something special for iPhone or iPod Touch owners who write: WriteChain. More than just a word-count tracker, WriteChain is built around the principle of the chain, encouraging you to write every day to avoid “breaking the chain”. […]

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