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Transcription Made Easy (Easier, Anyway)

Image by BrittneyBush via Flickr One of the biggest hassles of traditional journalistic writing is quoting sources. I don’t even knowhow they did it in “the old days”, when reporters just had notebooks  –  shorthand, I suppose) but these  days we’re lucky enough to be able to make digital recordings of our sources. Since I do most […]

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All Aboard… The WriteChain!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Jamie Grove of the excellent writing blog How Not to Write has created something special for iPhone or iPod Touch owners who write: WriteChain. More than just a word-count tracker, WriteChain is built around the principle of the chain, encouraging you to write every day to avoid “breaking the chain”. […]

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6 Great Apps for Your iPhone

Image via CrunchBase Today I bring you a guest post from Gavin Nachbar. Gavin is a freelance writer who cannot be found anywhere in the world without his iPhone. As a writer, he has written for a couple of magazines including Hyphen Magazine and The Escapist Magazine. Gavin doesn’t have a site of his own […]

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Getting Started as a Writer Part 2: Breaking In

Image via Wikipedia For most people, “becoming a writer” means first and foremost getting published. And really, getting published for pay. That first sale is a watershed moment for the fledgling writer, a moment of validation that you have something to say that other people want to hear. These days, getting published is less and less […]

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Getting Started as a Writer, Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

Image via Wikipedia So, you want to be a writer. It can be daunting to know how to get started as a writer. A lot of us feel we can write, know we can write  –  or better yet, know we can’t not write. We love the unfolding of stories beneath our pens, the spray of words […]

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How to Write Fast

Image by this is your brain on lithium via Flickr   I’m going to write this post in 20 minutes. Being able to write fast is a crucial skill for writers of every stripe, especially freelancers who work to order, often under tight deadlines, as well as journalists trying to get a scoop. Bloggers, too, […]

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Keep Track of Deadlines with Deadline

I’m on a quest for the perfect deadline reminder application.What I want is a simple online app that I can enter the due dates of my various writing assignments and projects into, and that will send me an email listing the upcoming deadlines. I already keep to-do list items and project planning stuff in other […]

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Welcome to 2009!

Image by ilmungo via Flickr One of the profound ironies about writing a site about being a productive, efficient writer is that the better I am at what I write about, the less time I have to write about it. The last couple of months I’ve been getting more work than ever, even while I […]

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NaNoWriMo Interview: Betty Punkert

Betty Punkert is the Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo in Winnipeg, Canada, and has won the NaNoWriMo challenge 5 times before this year (and looks set to get her sixth win this year). Although she hasn’t published any fiction yet, she sees NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to incubate ideas, and feels ready to start pulling some […]

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NaNoWriMo Interview: Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is an Australian travel writer who dreams of becoming a published fiction writer. Perhaps that’s why she called her blog and exercise in creative procrastination Becoming a Fiction Writer  –  but then, who ever knows about such things. When she’s not writing travel articles and posts for publication or teaching English to foreigners or writing […]

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