Transcription Made Easy (Easier, Anyway)

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4 Responses

  1. Rajiv says:

    Thanks for using CallGraph. CallGraph was actually designed with transcription in mind. We in fact provide transcription services along with it too – at great rates. Check it out once.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am always glad to find people who are happy with Express Scribe transcription software. It is really great that you have found that it makes transcribing your interviews easier, and one of the reasons that we make Scribe free is in the hopes that people will recommend both it and some of our other software to those who might need it, and I can see how in your situation you wouldn’t need any dictation software specifically, but maybe if you come across anyone who does you will think of us.

    Although if you are looking for tools for making transcription easier you still might want to consider FastFox word expander, we talk about how it can be used to help make medical transcription more efficient in our blog but the idea can easily be expanded to other areas with lots of typing and not just medical transcription which was our example.

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

  3. Xavier says:

    There are some things Express Scribe doesn’t do. I always use the FTW Transcriber (which you can get here: It’s also free, and has various features Express Scribe doesn’t have, for example you don’t need to wait ages for the files to load. Also, it plays a much wider range of file types – apparently it plays whatever Windows Media Player can play. It also displays the visuals in videos much better than Express Scribe does.

  4. First, I love the photo, very cool look! I have also used Callgraph and it has never let me down, in fact I use it so much i filled my 500 gig external drive with audio! It is wonderful for getting transcripts written down!
    Thanks for keeping your blog up I enjoy it! 🙂