Moving to Linux: Scribus for Writers

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6 Responses

  1. Scribus reminds me a little of ReadySetGo – the desktop publishing app I used many years ago. Given the sophistication of the .pdf exporting function, are you aware of anyone who’s published a book via Scribus?

  2. acpkendo says:

    Hi TC,

    The Scribus wiki has a large number of success stories here:

    I quick scan of the TOC reveals at least one book published on Lulu using Scribus. I haven’t looked through the whole thing to see if there’s any that have gone to print.

  3. Eliot Harper says:

    Not sure what version you’re using, but v1.3.5 has both character and paragraph styles.

  4. Hamsaaya says:

    This may not be revelant but i figured i’d post this anyway. If you’re using ubuntu 8.10 you may be in for some issues with the network manager. For some unknown reason it stops functioning. You will need to manually set you’re resolv.conf with your ISP’s DNS servers. That file is located in /etc/network/resolv.conf

  5. cpanel says:

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