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The Publishing Process Explained

Image via Wikipedia OK, this one’s a quickie: If you are trying to publish a book, check out O’Reilly Media’s So You Want to Write a Book? O’Reilly publishes all kinds of tech-oriented books, and this is their guide for authors who are submitting manuscripts to them for publication. Although aimed at O’Reilly’s authors, the […]

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Getting Started as a Writer Part 2: Breaking In

Image via Wikipedia For most people, “becoming a writer” means first and foremost getting published. And really, getting published for pay. That first sale is a watershed moment for the fledgling writer, a moment of validation that you have something to say that other people want to hear. These days, getting published is less and less […]

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Getting Started as a Writer, Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

Image via Wikipedia So, you want to be a writer. It can be daunting to know how to get started as a writer. A lot of us feel we can write, know we can write  –  or better yet, know we can’t not write. We love the unfolding of stories beneath our pens, the spray of words […]

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Writing on Your iPhone: One Novelist’s Story

Image via Wikipedia While researching an article about iPhones, I was contacted by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, best-selling author of numerous novels such as Whale Song. Tardif has embarked on a new project: writing a complete novel on her iPhone  –  the first major mainstream author to do so. I kind of stumbled onto this by accident. One night […]

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Hustle Your Work with WordHustler

Of all the things that writers have to do, the task that seems the most burdensome is the step that’s most crucial to getting our work into print: submitting it. Sending out submissions isn’t just a bookkeeping nightmare  –  you have to remember where you sent it and when and how long to wait before following up […]

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Beat Your Royalties with Amazon Associates

Every author should belong to Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates. With Amazon Associates, you can create a link which includes your unique tracking ID to a book (or any product) and get a percentage of the purchase from anyone who clicks through to Amazon from your link. You can create links to any product on […]

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Using Software to Track Submissions: Part 4 — Online Submission Trackers

If your writing takes you away from your home computer often, or if the thought of working “in the cloud” (on the web) just appeals to you, you might want to try an online submission tracking system. Luminary’s Writer’s Database (not to be confused with the desktop “Writer’s Database” I mentioned in Part 3 of […]

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Using Software to Track Submissions: Part 3 — Desktop Submission Tracking Software

Although using a simple spreadsheet to track submissions can be perfectly adequate, the seams can start to unravel as you build up more and more entries. There are several good, free programs that can help you track not only your submissions but also prospective markets and the fate of your work from inception to publication. […]

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Using Software to Track Submissions: Part 2 — Using a Spreadsheet

The simplest way to track submissions is using a spreadsheet program like Excel. You could also use an online spreadsheet like Google Docs. Create a new spreadsheet and put the following as column headers: Title of Piece | Length | Genre/Type | Query or Submission? |Market Submitted to | Market’s Address | Pay | Date […]

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Using Software to Track Submissions: Part 1 — Introduction

One of the least glamorous parts of a writer’s job is keeping track of submissions. Knowing who you sent a query or a finished piece, what you sent them, when you sent it, and whether it’s been accepted or rejected is crucial, but mundane  —  especially compared with the far more fulfilling work of actually writing our work. […]

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