Keep Track of Deadlines with Deadline

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4 Responses

  1. Want another FREE and EASY way of receiving email reminders?

    Use Google Calendar.

    With Google Calendar, you simply make an entry on the due date of the project, and then configure ‘reminders’ to be sent – by email, SMS text or even to to pop-up on your PC – as frequently as you like!

    You can also configure your account to with default reminders, if you tend to prefer similar intervals and types of reminders for most of your projects/activities. You can then amend the defaults for each individual entry.

    Hope someone find this useful!


  2. Dustin Wax says:

    Laurie: There are two reasons I don’t use Google Calendar for this, even though I use it extensively for all my other calendaring. First of all, it’s clutter-y; I want a way to look at all my upcoming deadlines at once, without seeing everything else, so I can get a quick grasp of my working life. Second, Google Calendar doesn’t offer multiple reminders – I can set a single reminder, which is “blended” in with all my other recorded commitments — appointments, meetings, etc. which also generate a notice. The way around that is to schedule each reminder as an event, but then that’s super-clutter-y.

    For the same reason, I don’t want to use Toodledo for deadlines, through again, I already use it for a lot of other stuff (and it integrates nicely into Google Calendar).

  3. Lisa Hendrix says:

    Dustin — Google Calendar may not work the way you want, but the combination of iCal and the To Do list in the Apple email app will. You can set up multiple reminders in iCal, as far out as you want. And the To Dos, which you input in mail, appear in a list in both apps which can be sorted by date due, priority, title, calendar (e.g. relational list like Home, School, Work), or be manually sorted.

    However, Windows users would probably be better off at Deadline.

  4. Larry Kegley says:
    A to-list, reminders, journal, etc…
    The reminders section is exactly what you described. You can have up to two users for the free version (less features than the pay version) and the reminders section is included.
    I’m a newbie to GTD and came across the site in another forum. I introduced it to my SAHM wife ( who is now setting reminders for all kinds of things.
    One the best parts about the the reminders is you can not only get them via email, but by SMS text as well.