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Case Study: Writing and Self-Publishing a Book

Last month, I completed a project I’ve been working on for quite a while, a book of advice for college students called Don’t Be Stupid: A Guide to Learning, Studying, and Succeeding at College. The book grew out of some of the frustrations I’ve had as a university instructor over the last five years, and […]

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Sell Books — Yours or Others’ — with e-Junkie

Selling stuff is supposed to be easy on the Internet. Just put it “up there” and watch the orders roll in, right? If you stick with Amazon or eBay as your marketplace, it’s not all that hard  —  but they take a pretty sizable cut! Or you can set up your own shopping cart system and maintain […]

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WordPress Plugins for Writers: Part 1 — Introduction

One of the reasons I recommend WordPress as the backbone of your writing website is that it is very easy to extend what WP can do using plugins. Installing a WordPress plugin is easy  —  for the most part, you just upload the folder to the wp-content/plugins folder on your server, go to the “Plugins” tab in […]

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10 Free E-books for Writers

There are tons of sites online that offer free e-books to get you “hooked” so they can sell you their “Make Money Fast” program. While some of the material is ok, most of it is little more than a come-on. These e-books offer real, useful information to help you to either write more, write better, […]

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Free e-Book on Writing for Helium

Bob Younce of The Writing Journey has released an e-book detailing how to make money writing for Helium. The Helium Report offers advice on how best to use Helium’s system to make a strong income from the site  —  Younce shows an income of just over $1,000 US with 2 hours a day work over 45 days. I’ve […]

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How to Create PDFs from Any Document

PDF, the Portable Document Format, is a standard created by Adobe for circulating formatted documents over the web. Using Acrobat Reader or some other PDF reader (I like Foxit Reader, which opens much faster than Acrobat Reader and seems to work just as well), the recipient views your document exactly as it appeared on your […]

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Pre-Writing Posts: Write Ahead for Best Results

Here’s a quick blogging tip for anyone who writes online (which includes you, if you’ve taken my advice and started a blog to promote your writing). Stockpile posts ahead of time and use WordPress’ post scheduler to automatically post in the future. I try to do all my web writing for the week in two […]

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Writing Ebooks Series Available as a Free Ebook — and a New Addition to the Site

It would be sort of hypocritical if I were to write a 5-part series on writing ebooks if I didn’t put my money where my mouth is and pony up an actual ebook. So I’ve decided to put the five posts together, reformat a little, add some nice images, and release the whole thing as […]

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Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 5 — Promoting Your E-book

Unless you’re Stephen King, your e-book isn’t going to sell itself. You’re going to need to get out there and market it a little. First of all, make sure it’s featured prominently on your site. Write a post about it, making sure to use all the important keywords you think people doing a Google search […]

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Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 4 — Distributing Your E-book

OK, you’ve written an e-book, fixed all the typos, formatted it nicely, and are ready to go. Now what? How do you get it to an audience? Well, that depends on your ultimate goal. Are you planning to give your e-book away, or do you want to sell it? Let’s look at both options separately.

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