Write E-books for Publicity and Even Profit: Part 4 — Distributing Your E-book

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3 Responses

  1. Both options of distrubting a e-book are good. But if someone is giving it away for free a direct approach will
    also work well. And best of all the author will get a chance to meet his or her audience.

  2. Peter Knight says:

    …and finally! Thank you for this one. I have an e-book (“The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Firearms”, part of a series under author Holly Lisle and she has given me a very generous deal for sales off her site (as well as from affiliate sales of other books there). But I’m just starting out on this, haven’t got my website done and on a shoestring, have been wondering how to get future stuff out there, on my own. PayPal, obviously but the fulfilling orders without any slip-up? Risky. e-junkie sounds OK (it would need one sale a month to pay for itself). I wonder what others there may be out there?

    Thank you again – Peter

  3. Raji81 says:

    Well, that depends on your ultimate goal. Are you planning to give your e-book away, or do you want to sell it? Let