10 Free E-books for Writers

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7 Responses

  1. Ashish says:

    Hi, This is an awesome list. Thanks for taking time to gather this information for us. But I’m having problem downloading the pdfs. I tried the first three links but it links back to your site with a message “Not Found”. Would appreciate if you could fix the links

  2. Dustin says:

    Ashish: Thanks for letting me know about that! I fixed all the links — somehow, I’d forgotten or lost all the “http://” parts (on all but one link). Everything should work now. Enjoy!

  3. Chet says:

    I tried #9 & #10; neither worked. “Not Found”

  4. Dustin says:

    Chet: I fixed #9; the URL had changed since I wrote the post, apparently. #10 worked for me fine — are you sure you didn’t click #9 again?

  5. Dustin says:

    There was a problem with #7, though, which I just fixed. The lesson here is that links change; I wrote this post several weeks ago, but didn’t want to post it so soon after my 22 Blogs Every Writer Should Read post. In the meantime, a couple of links changed; I should have double-checked all of them before letting this post go live, but since it wasn’t *that* much time, I never thought of it. Lesson learned!

  6. Chet says:

    Cool. Thanks, Dustin. I appreciate the work you put into the list.



  1. June 20, 2009

    […] 10 free e books for writers These e-books offer real, useful information to help you to either write more, write better, or sell more of what you do write. All of them are available in PDF. […]