How to Create a Newsletter Using Feedburner

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15 Responses

  1. Interesting tip, Dustin. Some people say that bloggers need to learn about email marketing. Creating newsletter with WordPress and Feedburner is a neat way to do that.

  2. Rodney Smith says:

    Just today I had this exact same idea, so this is confirmation – thanks. Just one question: you said

    “In WordPress, you can easily set up a category of posts that don’t get published to the front page”

    How do you do that exactly?

  3. Dustin says:

    Rodney: You can use a plugin like Excluded Categories [] to create a category (say “newsletter”) that doesn’t post to the front page.

  4. Rodney Smith says:

    Thanks Dustin, I’ll check it out.

  5. Stanley says:

    thanks for sharing, how about i need to customize my own header..where should i edit or code?

  6. Amar Jadhav says:

    When we publish multiple posts in a day, email from feedburner contains those all posts in a single mail. Is it possible to send mail per each post?

  7. Kcalpesh says:

    This is some really helpful information! Thanks so much! Loved your theme too! Any suggestions if I could get a similar one for BLOGGER?

  8. Lynn says:

    Can I do the same thing on Typepad? It seems to give me a choice of sending the entire blog or an excerpt (which they choose) but I can’t figure out how to customize the email. I’m using feedburner for my email subscription service. Thanks!

  9. Very good post.. i’m for sure going to try ” Feedburner’s email service” and use it.

  10. Bettina says:

    This is a great idea for people who don’t have the time to set up a professional email marketing campaign however it doesn’t provide the majority of the benefits that email marketing can bring your company or brand.

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    – Easy to use autoresponders and drip campaigns (That enable you to for example send users a guide over the next couple of weeks after they first subscribe, or a coupon a year after they first started following you with minimal effort on your part)
    – Live analytics to let you know which of your emails are most well received, where people are clicking through integration with google analytics and much more.

    You can even get content written for you on a variety of topics that you can then edit and approve and use in your blog across the web.

    All of these features are what really benefit a brand and bring about the proven returns that companies have come to expect from Email Marketing.

  11. Pranesh says:

    Thanks for the valid link for burner. Now I can edit the settings..

  12. him says:

    hi, thanks for the post! I am already using feedburner for my website , but I want to customize the default newsletter……is their any ways to do this?

  13. Felipe Veiga says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Actually, I wanted to send a newsletter without adding wordpress blog post. Guess I’ll have to use mailchimp for that.

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