Convert PDF Documents to Word or Rich Text Format

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  1. Daniel Roswell says:

    Hey, Great site.

    I wasn’t sure if you were aware that the latest edition of Adobe Reader does actually allow you to save to .txt. I realise this isn’t technically the same as a .doc, but then you can always cut and paste!

    I believe this is a relatively new feature to PDF because before I saw your post I had no idea it was even posible to do. Which is why I was generally quite excited when I read your title (sad I know)

  2. Dustin Wax says:

    Daniel: It’s always been somewhat easy to get text from a PDF — for one thing, as long as the text is there (that is, it’s not a scanned image only) you could cut and paste. The problem is getting something that has similar formatting and layout to your original. For instance, many academic writers do new editions of text books and their publishers want them to start from the published versions (typically they only want to change 1/3 or less of the pages so that they don’t have to re-edit the whole book). The publisher might send the PDF proofs from the last edition — but what’s an author to do with those? Export just the text, you lose all the headings, italics, boldface (e.g. vocab words), etc. and have to recreate it all over again.

  3. linky says:

    I am using Tweak pdf to word,another pdf converter.
    it only cost a little but performs good.
    you can try it in if you need a converter too.

  4. Ruminator says:

    I found an alternative that might do a better job. It’s a program called pdf2html. The sourceforge site is: It is well worth looking at, but only if you’re not afraid of the command line.

    Happy hunting!

  5. Zarfishan Zahid says:

    There is another alternative available Saaspose.PDF their site is : that can convert your PDF document to WOrd and to many other documents and because its a cloud API you don’t have to download or install it just sign up on the site upload your document and convert it into the format you want.

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