How to Add “Oomph” to Your Aging Computer

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Munsil says:

    But… you didn’t even discuss the best option!

    Install Linux.

  2. Dustin says:

    Mike: I tend to think of my audience here as beginner/intermediate — Linux is still a little bit complicated for the average user, don’t you think?

    But you’re right — if your computer is a little long in the tooth, a nice install of Ubuntu might perk it up a bit. If it’s really getting up there, you’ll have to scrounge around for a lighter-weight install of Linux. If you’re banging away on your 386 and Windows 3.1 isn’t cutting it for you any more, there are Linux installs for you too, though you might have to forego the fancy stuff like a graphical desktop.

    Of course, it’s free, which is a big bonus. Downside: Linux can be a major pain in the Companion if your hardware isn’t supported out of the box or if you want to install additional software (though most flavors of Linux come with tons of free applications, too).

    Is Linux something people would want to read more about on the WTC? I’m seriously thinking about scrapping Vista on my laptop (so slow, so painful) and installing Ubuntu, so I could write a series of posts on Linux for writers once I get into that — if there’s any sort of demand for it.

  3. The Plagiarist says:

    If Ubuntu is complex for you, you might want to try Linux Mint which is an even user friendlier Ubuntu.

    Here’s a link to the new features of the latest release: