Software for Writers: yWriter 4

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6 Responses

  1. enisstjohn says:

    I am using Word 2007 as a platform on which to write a novel, and I find that I’m spending more time chasing the software than I am writing. What software is user friendly to write with and edit?

  2. Dustin says:

    enisstjohn ,

    I’ve written up Liquid Story Binder on this site, which is expressly for writers, but there’s a pretty steep learning curve. Also, look up my series on using Word 2007 — there’s a lot of tips that apply to 2003 and earlier versions, too. And, to be fair, I like yWriter, a lot, though I don’t really do the kind of writing it’s geared towards.

  3. Enisstjohn says:

    Of all the bloggers in all the world there seem to be those who write and those who talk about writing. I want to write and I need a software that will allow me to do that with the least interference. Has one been developed?

  4. Dustin says:


    Blogging is, by definition, writing. There are no bloggers who don’t write.

    I’m not a noveist (yet>). I write non-fiction — two books so far, one in Word, one using Buzzword. And any number of articles, mostly in Word or Buzzword. For blogging, I use Windows Live Writer, except for this blog, where I’ve used Buzzword so far.

    Any suitably powerful piece of software is going to have a learning curve — that’s just a fact. Liquid Story Binder (or Scrivenir on the Mac) have great numbers of fans, and once learned, are supposed to be great at working on long documents like novels.

  5. frootbat31 says:

    I love how YWriter is free, but I find its a bit clumsy with the interface. Out of the writing software I tried out, this one offered the least amount of time to learn the bells and whistles.
    I found spending way too much time organizing and not enough time writing. I can see the program offers much to a more organized mind, or writers who want free writing software to help organize their novel.
    After fiddling with it, I ended up going back to MS Word with the Chapter by Chapter program.

  6. Ryan Fellows-Fitts says:

    I am a story writing fanatic! I love writing stories! When somebody told me about this software at school, when I got home, I whizzed to the computer and downloaded it! That was actually just today, on the 12/10/2010 and my birthday is this Saturday 16/10/2010 and this was a perfect gift from my friend! Best of all, it’s free!