Tag Your Writing Tweets with #Writing and #Editing

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7 Responses

  1. This post on Twitter was extremely helpful! I just signed up and am low on the learning curve! Thanks so much…..

  2. Dustin Wax says:

    Catherine: If you’re having a hard time getting started on Twitter, you might want to look at my post at Lifehack called From Here to Tweeternity: A Practical Guide to Getting Started on Twitter

  3. Ralph Lambert says:


    I have read your posts in other sites and I want to thank you for the way you make it all useful.


  4. I have had a twitter account for a while, but I never thought that it was any use. I am now trying to use it to advertise. Does tagging really help?

  5. Twitter is a fantastic way to quickly connect with other people, produce tremendous online visibility, drive traffic,. and even market and make sales. The problem with twiter is that so many people mess up their advertising strategy from the beginning. The good news here is that makes it easy for you to stand out when you do it right.

  6. People who aren’t using twitter will have either not understand the major power of twitter or they might not be aware of its existence. Doing some research, you can get to know the positive and successful stories of twitter and their role in driving traffic towards your business

  7. We just wrote about an alternative way to tag tweets (and gmails) using our app – this could help if you need to have tweets/gmails grouped with files on your disk:


    I hope I’m not spamming too much! 🙂