WordPress Plugins for Writers: Part 2 – Anti-Spam

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5 Responses

  1. Tom Colvin says:

    Funny you should mention spam at this moment. Usually, I content with on a handful of spam messages to the comments section of my blog. Two days ago, I got well over a hundred!

    I’ll look into Bad Behaviour when I get home. I’ve tried a couple different WP plug-ins that call for commenters to enter some numbers that appear on the screen — none of them work in my set up for some reason.

  2. I should note that when it’s in use, Bad Behavior is effectively the first line of defense on a site. Because I can’t block any legitimate users whatsoever, I have to let some spam through, and so Bad Behavior must be used in combination with a more traditional spam prevention strategy.

  3. Dustin says:

    Thanks, Michael — that’s a good point. For the record, I use Bad Behavior and Akismet on this site, and get *much* less spam than I get on another site where I do not use Bad Behavior (only because it’s much harder to set up with Drupal, which the other site runs on). And this site has greater traffic.

  4. The Drupal setup isn’t much harder; it’s just a little more involved.

    Do this:

    Get the Drupal module from drupal.org
    Install it in sites/all/modules
    Get the Bad Behavior code from my site
    Unpack it and find the
    bad-behavior (in lowercase) folder which is one-level below the top. (Depending on where you download it the top level folder could be named bad-behavior or Bad-Behavior.) The correct folder contains a bunch of files that end in .inc.php
    Place the second level bad-behavior folder inside sites/all/modules/badbehavior
    Activate the Drupal module!

    When there's a Bad Behavior upgrade, you only need to install the updated core code, the second-to-last step above.

  5. Hey, you filtered out my <li> XHTML! Not nice! 😛