20 Hi-Tech Tools and Resources for Writers

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18 Responses

  1. Tumblemoose says:

    Absolutely Mah-velous!

    Best set of resources I’ve seen in a while.

    Stumbled it and bookmarked, too!



  2. I discovered a great service called FastPencil.com It lets you post your work and sub-divide however you want (chapters, scenes). Most importantly you control who has access. You can invite people to Review & Comment or to actually have the ability to edit. Of course the owner decides wheher the edits are incorporated into the work or not.

    The site of course wants you to use their services to self publish when you are finished. I’m not certain whether that interests me, but in the meantime I’ve a controlled environment where I can solicit feedback from peers and others and work at polishing my work without fear of it beinf exposed to the unwashed hordes of Internet users! Check it out. I think you’ll see FastPencil’s advantages.

  3. Olivia says:

    I’d suggest Celtx. It’s for screenwriters but I’ve been using it to write my novels and stuff for some time now, and it has lots of interesting features. Not to mention it’s free and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. 🙂

  4. Wow, did you miss the boat! How have you missed Scrivener, one of the best writing tools out there with features and capabilities that will blow away most of the programs you listed. You should check it out … and then come back to acknowledge the oversight and put it on the list where it belongs. To be clear, I’m an avid user and not the owner or developer.

  5. Dustin Wax says:

    Larry: I hear Scrivenir is great, but it’s Mac-only and many Windows users have never even heard of it, let alone used it. I can’t speak for Karen (the guest author of this post) but I try hard not to write up anything on this site that I haven’t used, thus Scrivenir won’t be getting much mention here (unless someone buys me a Mac…). But for what it’s worth, people I respect love Scrivenir, so I assume it’s worth raving about.

  6. Ellyn says:

    It’s mac-only, but I’d have to mention WriteRoom.
    Best writing program I’ve ever used.

  7. Ellyn says:

    Ah, nd I just found the Windows equivalent:


    A great application, as it’s free of distractions.

  8. Sean says:

    Write room and omni writer are great too for distraction free writing.

  9. Carl says:

    Thanks for this awesome list! I’ve used a few of these resources, but I had no idea there were this many programs out there for writers.

  10. Andy says:

    Great roundup, thanks 🙂

  11. Excellent list! As mentioned by others, this list should evolve a bit more. But this is great as is!

  12. Lary Kirchenbauer says:

    Dustin and others – Scrivener now DOES have a PC version. While it was built on the Mac platform, it is an incomparable program. There is a trial version, the video library is extensive and compared to other programs across many fields, it is remarkably inexpensive.

  13. Jeannot says:

    Wow, that’s a impressive list of ressources. I can not wait to check them all out. I’m about to dive in the NaNoWriMo contest and these links will be put to good use i’m pretty sure. I really like Roughdraft and mindmeister.

    Thank you!

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