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Lamy Safari

Fountain Pen Review: Lamy Safari

Let me cut straight to the chase here: I DESPISE THIS PEN. After buying my second Pilot Metropolitan, I thought I’d check out the OTHER “budget” pen everyone raves about the Lamy Safari. To...

Pilot Metropolitans

Fountain Pen Review: Pilot Metropolitan

I have had several fountain pens in my lifetime — a cheap schoolkids’ pen I bought in France, a Yafa pen from Office Depot, a handful of disposable Varsity pens from big box stores,...

Palomino Blackwing Pearl

Pencil Review: The Palomino Blackwing Pearl

Palomino’s Blackwing line has made a name for itself as a worthy inheritor of the Blackwing name. With their gorgeous finishes, iconic ferrules and replaceable erasers, and ultra-smooth dark leads, the line has earned...