Fountain Pen Review: Lamy Safari

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5 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Typo: “((and not in a good way)”

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you. I’ve been similarly disappointed by this pen and have never understood why so many people rave about it.

  3. Mary C says:

    When you get a bad nib, they’re bad…yes, chalky. I would ask for a swap with the vendor (I’ve done this in the past), because when you get a good nib, they’re really nice. I have some super smooth ones. Nibs are easily swappable, too…so a good nib can be swapped amongst many of the Lamy models. I’ve had the most issues with the black coated nibs, for some reason, but have always asked for a replacement when one isn’t up to snuff.

    • Dustin Wax says:

      Mary: When I first got the pen and had such a miserable experience, I did a lot of research and saw a lot of people with bad nibs. Sure, I could return it or buy a new nib, but my thinking is, I shouldn’t have to. Poor quality control is the hallmark of a brand that doesn’t care about its product or its customers. The burden shouldn’t be on the customer to make Lamy’s signature product worthwhile.