Podcasting 101 : Part 4 – What to Podcast

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2 Responses

  1. Evo Terra says:

    Rather than podcasting being a deterrent to future publishing deals, it’s been a boon. Time and time again I’ve heard from authors who’ve find themselves in an “underpublished” situation, where they can’t get traction for their work.

    That’s been the case for many authors on Podiobooks.com, who found doors to publishing houses opening a bit more freely once they gathered an audience for their self-produced audiobook. Of course, it’s not a panacea for poorly written work that plagues many authors who complain of not getting respect from publishing houses. Write and edit the best book you can, then take your next steps.


  2. Dustin says:

    Evo: Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate what you and the PodioBooks authors are doing, and I know several have managed to get a podcasted book published or use the success of their podcasts to show publishers a platform for their next book(s). I hesitate to suggest it as a “best practice” across the board, though — the PodioBooks audience seems to me largely a SF fan community, and what works for them might not work for someone writing romance, literary fiction, current events non-fiction, histocial fiction, etc. My advice is to check it out, definitely, but in the end — as with all things — “Know thy market”.

    Oh, and like you say, write the best you can, and then edit and revise until it’s great. That’s always good advice!