How Does Your Writing Space Stack Up?

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8 Responses

  1. I am so not a write anywhere kind of guy. Tried it, consistently failed. Give me my office, my chair, my computer, I’ll be sweet. 😉

  2. Fritz says:

    I think the “Writer’s Rooms” link has a ” at the end that shouldn’t be there. Can you check it?

  3. Dustin says:

    Thanks, Fritz. It was actually missing the quote at the front, so the one at the end was un-matched. Fixed it now.

  4. Dustin says:

    Joel: I’ve moved so many times in my life, and have always had such a chaotic schedule, that I’ve had to become a work-anywhere guy out of sheer necessity. When I lived in NYC, I would write papers for grad school on my Palm IIIe while taking the subway to work, my left hand hooked around a support pole and my right hand furiously scribbling Graffiti into my Palm Pilot. You gotta do what you gotta do!

    That said, I spend more and more time lately in my closet-turned-office. We’re moving soon and I’m really going to miss my 6 square meters of bad feng shui. We have my bro-in-law and his two kids staying with us this last couple months, and my office has turned into a sanctuary of sorts — my poor laptop misses me!

  5. Lisa Hendrix says:

    The published members of the Rose City Romance Writers (Portland, OR chapter of Romance Writers of America) are currently blogging about their writing spaces. Come take a peek at:

  6. Offices are great. There are some kinds of writing I can do anywhere, but not the more involved types – ie anything that requires concentration.

    I feel you on the Palm Pilot. Tried using my iPaq to take notes in a class on compression (the processing you use in Pro Tools when mixing audio, not the techie kind) but not good when the engineer talks that fast.

  7. I have a nice little office in my house by the front door. This way I can come right to the door when a package or service person arrives plus watch the kids come and go. I’d like it to be a little bigger.

    Regardless, I think it’s helpful for full-time freelancers to have a space to go so they feel like they’re in work mode. When I don’t feel well, I just rest on my bed with my laptop. Quite comfy.

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