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A First Look at

Regular readers have seen me rave about Adobe’s online word processor Buzzword before. Written in Flash, Buzzword provides a writing environment so slick that it’s actually inspired me to write more! This week, Adobe launched, folding Buzzword and a couple of other projects they’ve been working on into a somewhat integrated interface. The total package […]

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10 Free E-books for Writers

There are tons of sites online that offer free e-books to get you “hooked” so they can sell you their “Make Money Fast” program. While some of the material is ok, most of it is little more than a come-on. These e-books offer real, useful information to help you to either write more, write better, […]

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Free e-Book on Writing for Helium

Bob Younce of The Writing Journey has released an e-book detailing how to make money writing for Helium. The Helium Report offers advice on how best to use Helium’s system to make a strong income from the site  —  Younce shows an income of just over $1,000 US with 2 hours a day work over 45 days. I’ve […]

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Link: 50 Awesome Open Source Resources for Online Writers

Job Profiles has a huge list of 50 open source programs, from word processors and spell checkers to weblog editing software and submission trackers, that online writers can download and use free of charge. Open source software is created by volunteers ranging from employees at huge corporations (like Sun Microsystems, which directs the development of […]

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Writing Ebooks Series Available as a Free Ebook — and a New Addition to the Site

It would be sort of hypocritical if I were to write a 5-part series on writing ebooks if I didn’t put my money where my mouth is and pony up an actual ebook. So I’ve decided to put the five posts together, reformat a little, add some nice images, and release the whole thing as […]

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Free Viral Marketing Ebook from Wordpreneur

Wordpreneur is giving away copies of the ebook “Viral Marketing unleashed”. If you’re trying to promote your website, book, or other product, this looks like it will give you some ideas. Given that, unless you’re a major bestseller, your publisher’s marketing efforts are liable to be rather limited, most authors today need to have a pretty […]

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EverNote Invites Available

I have 10 invites to the private beta for anyone who was intrigued by my mention of Evernote in my Lifehack piece, The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource. The desktop program will work just fine without being in the beta-testing program  —  you’ll be able to “clip” webpages and text from other apps and save them to your […]

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