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Entries for June, 2008

How to Add “Oomph” to Your Aging Computer

All in all, writing doesn’t require much in the way of computing power. The most demanding software you’ll probably run as a writer is your word processor, maybe the occasional spreadsheet. This kind of software doesn’t need much power to run along nicely. That said, as time goes on, you may find yourself waiting longer […]

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How About Some Links?

I surf the web a lot. Well, not “surf”  –  I have the web come to me in my trusty RSS reader, courtesy of Google. The point is, I see a lot of stuff out there on the Internet that might interest you. Here’s some of what I’ve come across lately: 25+ Pieces of Writing Software You […]

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How Does Your Writing Space Stack Up?

What does a writer need to write? What kind of writing spaces do authors create? The UK’s Guardian takes a look inside more than 50 authors’ offices in a series called Writer’s Rooms. Each author describes their space  —  complete with little quirks and hangups  —  accompanied by a picture. Some are clean, some not. Some are minimalist, some […]

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Accept Donations on Your Site Via PayPal

There are a lot of good reasons to accept donations on your website. Maybe you feel uncomfortable posting ads, or don’t have the time or initiative to rustle up advertisers, but you’d like to get a little something for all the work you’re putting in. Maybe you have an emergency and you feel you can […]

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Outline Edit Edit Done — From Start to Finish with KeyNote Outlining Software

When I write articles, I use a process I call “Outline Expand Expand Done”  —  I write an outline, expand it a bit, expand it some more (paying attention to how pieces fit together), and repeat until I’m done. I’ll use a word processor  —  usually Buzzword  —  for shorter (<1500 words) pieces, but for longer, more complex pieces, I prefer to […]

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Getting Noticed by Google

For most sites, especially when they’re getting started, Google and other search engines are the #1 source of traffic, especially for new visitors who might become regulars. It helps to know a little bit about how search engines work and how to make your site “search engine-friendly” so you an make sure your site is […]

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Write Your Movie on the Web with PlotBot

PlotBot is a new free web application geared towards screenwriters. Because it’s on the web, you can log in and work on your screenplay anywhere you have access to a computer. Better yet, PlotBot allows you and any number of collaborators to log in and work on the same screenplay at the same time. You […]

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A First Look at

Regular readers have seen me rave about Adobe’s online word processor Buzzword before. Written in Flash, Buzzword provides a writing environment so slick that it’s actually inspired me to write more! This week, Adobe launched, folding Buzzword and a couple of other projects they’ve been working on into a somewhat integrated interface. The total package […]

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Take Payments with PayPal

Paypal has become the de facto form of payment on the web, not just for eBay sales but for invoice payments, retail sales, and even donations. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you need to open one if you plan to do any sort of business on the web, including client work. PayPal […]

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9 Reasons for Writers to Blog

I’ve covered this before a little, but it bears repeating: if you’re a writer, you should probably be blogging. You can make some money blogging, but that’s only one reason to blog. Here are nine other benefits that blogging offers writers.

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